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DHL Supply Chain's Urban Consolidation Centre in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona (Spain)
The key objective was to concentrate goods in the urban distribution in order to improve the efficiency of the last mile network. DHL interurban delivery trucks unloaded their goods at the terminal and the last mile distribution was carried out by the terminal operator. This affected all parts of the distribution: urban, interurban and terminal. The initiative was strongly supported by the city council of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
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TNT Express in Brussels - City Logistics Mobile Depot (Belgium)
TNT Express used a mobile depot in the centre of Brussels to consolidate goods flows and eliminate the use of vans, replacing them with tricycles and an electric vehicle. The aims were to improve efficiency of operations and service to customers while contributing to a better environment in the city centre.
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Oxfam - Remote 'bring-site' monitoring for more reactive and sustainable logistics (United Kingdom)
A 'bring-site' is a term used to describe an unmanned donation bank or group of banks into which members of the public can donate items (recyclables). Oxfam has a national network of around 1300 textile banks for second-hand clothing in the UK and these are primarily situated in urban areas (supermarket car parks, community centres etc). In the demonstration, a subset of Oxfam's textile banks were equipped with remote monitoring technology to observe daily fill rates. Based on the remote bank data, dynamic vehicle collection schedules were devised to reduce vehicle mileage.
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Kuehne-Nagel - Rail tracking and warehouse management (Greece)
The movement of railway wagons delivering goods to Kuehne and Nagel transport hubs was monitored by the use of GPS devices to inform the warehouse management system on freight arrivals, and organise the warehouse operations accordingly. This also provided benefits for onward freight movements and last mile distribution due to the improved information provision.
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GS1 - Smart Urban Transport Solution - Retail supply chain management and "last mile" distribution by use of standardized information (Norway)
Improved efficiency in retail trade supply chain management and "last mile" distribution by use of standardized information collected from all involved stakeholders. The information is used as input for optimizing the whole supply chain to achieve more efficient logistics. The information collection is using four key standards: Barcodes (used to automatically identify things), eCom (electronic business messaging standards allowing automatic electronic transmission of data), GDSN (Global Data Synchronization standards which allow business partners to have consistent item data in their systems at the same time) and EPCglobal (RFID technology to immediately track an item).
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Colruyt and Delhaize - Night-time distribution in Brussels (Belgium)
The demonstration will show the possibilities and impacts of night-time distribution for the food retail sector. A key element in this consideration is a closer look at the advantages of the concept other than costs and speed. To what extent does the concept reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution in downtown locations? What are the hard facts and constraints to build the case to switch transportation from day to night?
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EMEL - Loading / unloading operations management and regulations Lisbon (Portugal)
Alternative technological solutions (adapted parking meters and loop vehicle detection sensors) and policies/regulations were compared for the management of freight loading and unloading in Lisbon
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Project Final Review meeting, Brussels

Smart Urban Freight Conference hosted by NewRail, Newcastle University, including contributions from Straightsol project
[Conference webpage]

Evaluation Framework Training Sessions, Newcastle University

Open ENLoCC event, Brussels, including presentation of Colruyt and Delhaize night-time deliveries demonstration

Demonstration Results Workshop/Exhibition in Amsterdam

TNT Express demonstration workshop in Brussels

Oxfam demonstration workshop in Batley, near Leeds, UK

DHL Supply Chain demonstration workshop in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat/Barcelona, Spain

Oslo: Demonstration workshop
Smart Urban Transport - Standardising information in retail supply chain management and last-mile distribution


Thessaloniki: Demonstration workshop
"Intelligent" systems for the interconnection of urban-interurban freight transport


Brussels: STRAIGHTSOL project workshop on Smart Urban Freight Solutions
(in collaboration with the Smartfusion partnership)